ACT Government carpooling

Welcome to RIDESHARE, the meeting place for people who want to share a ride to work or home for everyone in ACT Government.

Carpooling is about sharing and saving. Sharing a ride, saving fuel and saving money.

You might be able to carpool to work every day of the week, or you might only want to share a ride once a week, or just every now and then. Any carpooling has positive outcomes.

As well as being good for you, carpooling is good for the community and the environment.

Removing cars from the road and carparks, and reducing tail pipe emissions all adds up. By ticking the ‘carpool request accepted’ box, when you are invited to join a carpool, and returning your monthly survey response, you help us quantify the benefits.

Carpooling is something that takes time to become ‘part of the way we do things around here’. But once it has become part of the way we travel, one of the options that everyone knows about to get where we need to go, then everyone stands to benefit.

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